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for visiting this website. This blog is meant for sharing knowledge about Microsoft Excel, especially VBA (Macro) – Visual Basic for Applications.
Always open to receive feedback about my articles… there is always a possibility of improvement !!

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What is special here?

I try to keep my articles in a very simple language and “To the point”. Most of the articles will have necessary images, diagrams, code snippets and sample Excel files to download. This all is based on my research as a user when I started as a beginner. So, I hope you will have a good experience reading my articles.
But as they say, there is always a room for improvement. So your feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

How it all started.. a bit of a story:

I was working as a Software Test engineer in one of the leading Indian IT firms in Bangalore. I started my career as a Manual Tester. And not liking manual testing was no exception. The first project that I was involved in had to deal with lots of Management and Project data handling resulting in lots of Excel sheets and numerous trackers. Back in 2007, I was not even introduced to “Excel Macros” or “Excel VBA”.

To be honest, I used to get surprised seeing the automated stuff in excels with a click of buttons. My assumption was that these were Microsoft customizations available. Out of my curiosity, I asked one of my senior and he showed me the code behind those buttons. That was my first interaction with VBA.

That was another surprise… Oh my god, behind those excels sheets there was another place where you can write so many lines of code? I was amazed and started going through those existing “trackers” in my project and codes behind them. Took help from Microsoft Excel help and Google. In no time I was so fascinated and developed so much of interest that I used to wait for my office hours to get over so that I could start reading more and more about macros. And in no time I built my first macro.

As time progressed I had built many useful tools in excel for my project and my learning and creativity curve rose since then 
A fine day it occurred to me to start a blog and publish these small pieces of codes and tools that I had and which might also help others users, especially beginners like me. I, then, created a blog on Google’s Blogspot.com.

Later that year, I registered a domain with the name which came first into my mind “LearnExcelMacro.com”. This is how this domain was born. I initially started posting code snippets, tips and tricks related to Excel and Excel VBA.
And today, you can find numerous helpful tools, articles, videos, VBA book for beginners.

How LEM helps you Learn?

LEM contents are logically categorized. Based on your need you can visit the relevant section.

  • Useful VBA code snippets
  • Useful Excel Tools (FREE Download) developed using Excel VBA
  • Excel VBA tutorials for different Level of audience
  • Tutorials about specific topics
  • Important excel Formulas

People who help me running this site:

My partner in crime… Shagun, she supports me in all way to do this

  • Review and editing of all non-technical contents on the site. Because my writing sucks!! 😛
  • Help me in designing the new layout, look & feel of this blog.
  • Allow me to spend some time at home doing this activity apart from my 9 to 5 full time job. I thank her for that 😉

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