Custom Functions

What is User Defined Function (UDF) ?

Microsoft Excel allows us to create our own functions, based on our own need. Such functions are called “User Defined Functions” (UDFs) or Custom Function.

These functions behaves exactly like Excel’s inbuilt formulas. These are helpful in simplifying complicated calculations or string related stuffs. Sometimes, you might have felt, “I wish, Excel had a built-in formula for this calculation” !! No worry, you can create your own formula.. and through all the dirty code behind the bar 😉

4 Steps to Create UDFs

Learn How to create your own Excel formula in 4 simple Steps

Hearing about creating my own defined formula is exiting and feels like a rocket science but trust it's not. Learn here in 4 simple steps how to create your own Custom Function.
4 Steps to Create UDFs

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