Excel Tips

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Excel Tips and Tricks will probably not be able to make your work SUPER easy but it will definitely make you productive. In this Section we will be sharing small-small Tips and Tricks which can be used in our day-to-day life. Tips and Tricks must not always be related to Excel, it could be anything.

I am sure that we all know few Tips and Tricks which makes our day-to-day life easy. So let’s start sharing them and make a HUGE repository of Tips and Tricks.

Entering the Current Date into a Cell

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Some times while dealing with Excel Workbook, you may need to fill a Cell with the Current Date. In such case you need to change [...]

How to Declare a Public Variable in VBA

While programming in VBA sometimes you need to declare a Public Variable which can store the value through out the program. Use of Public Variable [...]

How to Import Delimited Text File in Excel

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In this article, I am going to show, how can we export Delimited Text Files in Excel. For Example, you have a file which is [...]

Shortcut Keys in Microsoft Excel

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Hello Friends, Here I am going to list down some useful Shortcut Keys. These keys are very useful in your day to day excel use. [...]

How to format whole row or a Range by Conditional Formating

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Sometimes in Excel, we need auto-formatting as soon as a condition in a particular cell or cell range is satisfied then the formatting of the [...]

Show all Formulas in an Excel Sheet

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To view all the formula on the worksheet Press Ctrl and ` The ' is the left single quote usually found on the key to [...]