Excel Tips

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Excel Tips and Tricks will probably not be able to make your work SUPER easy but it will definitely make you productive. In this Section we will be sharing small-small Tips and Tricks which can be used in our day-to-day life. Tips and Tricks must not always be related to Excel, it could be anything.

I am sure that we all know few Tips and Tricks which makes our day-to-day life easy. So let’s start sharing them and make a HUGE repository of Tips and Tricks.

Excel Trick – Sheet Protection – Protect it and Stay Free

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Dear Readers, I am back with another Excel Trick which is very much common while managing your sheet with certain security (protection). To protect the [...]

Excel Trick – SMART Method to make White Background

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Dear Readers,   If you are a Microsoft Excel user then you must have come to a situation where you want to show you data [...]

Custom Formula to Reverse a String in Excel

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Dear Friends,   This is a very small but useful Custom Function which can be used to reverse a string in excel. In VBA (Excel [...]

Excel VBA Tip – Expand / Collapse all the Groups in Excel

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Dear Readers, This is a small VBA tip to automate to expand or collapse groups created in Excel. Before I jump to VBA code about [...]

Things happening AUTOMATICALLY is WOW… but NOT ALWAYS

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Well friends before I start my article or tell you what I am going to talk about in this article, How many of you agree [...]

Spreading an Array values across Columns in Excel – VBA

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All my avid readers from Computer Programming background must be thinking is it a big deal? Like other programming languages use loop to traverse all [...]

Excel Tip : How to save an Excel Addin (.xla) to Excel Workbook(.xls)

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Hello Friends,   This is a small excel tip to convert a .xla or .xlam file to .xls or .xlsm file. This is a simple [...]

How to Export an Excel Sheet as PDF file

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Dear Readers, In this article you are going to learn How to save an Excel Sheet as pdf file. Many a times we generate certain [...]

Allow Cell Drag and Drop Option in Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010

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Hi Friends, Before I go and explain you how to enable or disable drag and drop option in Excel, let me explain you what is [...]

Excel Tips : Enter Current Date Without Typing in to the Cell

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This is really a very small Tip but it is really interesting. If you want to enter current date in to a Cell then need [...]