Excel Tips

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Excel Tips and Tricks will probably not be able to make your work SUPER easy but it will definitely make you productive. In this Section we will be sharing small-small Tips and Tricks which can be used in our day-to-day life. Tips and Tricks must not always be related to Excel, it could be anything.

I am sure that we all know few Tips and Tricks which makes our day-to-day life easy. So let’s start sharing them and make a HUGE repository of Tips and Tricks.

Button to Zoom in a Graph in Excel – [Method 2]

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Hello Friends, How are you doing? I am back with my next article about "how to make a button to zoom-in and zoom-out a graph [...]

How to Get Excel version using VBA Code

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Dear Friends, Usually while working on any of the VBA projects, it becomes important for me to first check the version of excel which user [...]

Invoice Template [ FREE Download ]

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Hello friends, There are many small businesses which are using Excel for their day-to-day management. Like Generating invoice, quotation, tracking data about customers, sales, employees [...]

Excel Tip: How to refer characters using ASCII Value

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Hello friends, In this article, I am going to explain you, how can you use special characters in Excel VBA and formulas without breaking the [...]

How to find Visible Range in Excel window on a Screen

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Dear Friends, Its been a while I posted any post here. I am back with so many interesting stuff for you in Excel VBA. Here [...]

Excel VBA Tips: How to comment or uncomment a Block of Code in VBA

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Comment the codes Dear Friends, Providing proper short descriptions for each of your functions or statements etc. makes your VBA code - easy [...]

Excel VBA Basics : All about Debugging Excel VBA code

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Dear All, Debugging VBA Code In Tutorial section for Beginners, I have written many basic articles like WHAT IS EXCEL MACRO, HOW TO [...]

Excel VBA Tips – Two excel VBA Tricks to help in day-to-day Coding

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Dear Readers,   In this article I am going to share with you - Two little VBA code which will help you in your day-to-day [...]

CELLS() and RANGE() – Are they same? Are they Excel VBA Object?

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Dear Friends, Many of you who are interested in excel Macro or if you have ever tried to read and understand a VBA code, you [...]

Spreading data across Columns in Excel Without VBA Code

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In my previous article as you learnt how to split data using VBA SPLIT() function. In this Article I am going to explain you how [...]

Read and Write Document Properties of an excel Document – VBA

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In this Article we will learn how to get document property of an excel workbook using Excel VBA. Before I jump in to the VBA [...]