CELLS() and RANGE() – Are they same? Are they Excel VBA Object?

Dear Friends, Many of you who are interested in excel Macro or if you have ever tried to read and understand a VBA code, you would have seen two ways of referring a cell in Excel Macro: Using Range() To refer value of Cell D4, you can use Range("B4").Value. To know more about RANGE() you can read my previous article [...]

Excel Macro Beginners – What is Range Object in Excel VBA

Dear readers, Before we discuss the Range Object technically, let us see what is RANGE in excel? In a very simple manner if I define Range, I can say that RANGE is a collections of cells which are in a sequence. This collection can have one or more than one cell. As I have defined, Range is a collection of [...]

Spreading an Array values across Rows in Excel – VBA

Hello friends,   This is an extension to my previous Article. Where we learnt a best way to spread an array values across columns in Excel. Here I will teach you how to spread an Array values across Rows in Column. How it works? How it is different from the previous code? In the previous code there are TWO changes [...]

Excel Macro Tutorial : Basics of VBA (Basic Syntaxes required while coding)

Dear Friends,   Let's take a brief re-cap of what all things you have studied so far in Excel Macro Tutorial. So far you have learnt so many basic stuffs about Excel Macros under Excel Macro Tutorials. You have learnt about all the Controls available in Excel Macros and also how to use them? You have also learnt How to [...]

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How to get Excel Range in Array

Many a times while doing coding in excel, we need all the values stored in a Cell Range in an Array format. So that during any point of time we can access the value from the array, rather going in Excel Cell and reading from there. Thinking that in mind, I just created a Function (UDF - User Defined Function) [...]

Name Range in Excel

How to Name Range in Excel: Hello Friends, It's been long time, I did not post any Article. So today I thought of writing one Article on one of the most useful features in Excel. I am talking about the Ability to Provide meaningful name for various items or Cell Range. You can name any Cells, Ranges, Columns, Rows and [...]

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