Validate BurgerServiceNummer (BSN) using Excel VBA

Important Note: This post will make more sense to those who stays in Netherlands. But wait.. even if you do not stay in Netherlands, you will learn some interesting Algorithm!! BSN is short form of Dutch Word - BurgerServiceNummer . In English, this is called  Citizen Service Number. This is a unique Personal Identification Number assigned by Netherlands [...]

Download Free : GTIN Calculator in Excel

Hello Friends, I have created one Excel Workbook which can calculate all types of GTIN. It calculates following types of GTINs: GTIN -8 GTIN -12 GTIN -13 GTIN -14 To know more about the GTIN Calculator and How to Calculate GTIN... Read this Article If you want all GTIN calculator in Excel, download by clicking on the below download button.

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GTIN Calculator in Excel

GTIN Calculation is basically of different types like GTIN 8, GTIN 12, GTIN 13 and GTIN 14. We can calculate GTIN by using Excel Formula as well as Excel Macro. GTIN Calculator By Formula | GTIN Calculator By Macro | How to Calculate GTIN | Download GTIN Calculator GTIN Calculation- By Excel Formula: GTIN-8 "000000"&F11 & (IF(MOD(3*(MID(F11,1,1) + MID(F11,3,1) + [...]

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