Email ID Syntax Validation in Excel

Dear LEM users,   I got quite a few questions regarding How to enforce Email ID syntax validation in Excel. It could be in a particular cell or any textbox etc. So i thought of putting this small excel VBA tip which may help a lot in enforcing this validation. This small validation trick will make your excel intelligent and [...]

What is Excel Formula ? How to use Excel Formula?

This Article is written for the people who does not know about Excel formula. This article answers following questions about Excel Formulas:   1. What is Excel Formula? 2. How to Use Excel Formula - a step by step tutorial. 3. How an Excel Formula works in Excel? 4. How to refer a Cell in Excel Formula? 5. What is [...]

DATEDIF Worksheet Function : Age Calculation

In this Article, I am going to explain you, how can you use DATEDIF() Function and also using this, how can you calculate Age in Excel. Basically DATEDIF calculates difference between two dates. The most interesting part of this Function is that you can calculate the difference between two dates by a given intervals. If i say Intervals, what does [...]

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References In Excel Formulas – Absolute and Relative

This article is not about Excel Macro but this is about Absolute and Relative References in Excel formula. In Excel Formulas, as you have seen, for referring any cell, we use the Address (Reference) of that Cell like A1, B2 etc. This is called Cell Reference in Excel. In other words you can call it as Cell Address. This Cell [...]

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Show all Formulas in an Excel Sheet

To view all the formula on the worksheet Press Ctrl and ` The ' is the left single quote usually found on the key to left of number 1. To go back to the Normal View, Press the same Key Combination.

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File Name Formula

There are few instances when we want to store the File Name or Current Workbook Name in a particular Cell. This is very easy. This can be done by using Cell() function as shown below: Syntax: =CELL("filename") Returned Value: C:\Users\Vish\Desktop\[Test.xlsx]Sheet1 Note: The problem with this is that it gives the complete path including Drive and folders with Sheet Name. To [...]