Invoice Template [ FREE Download ]

Hello friends, There are many small businesses which are using Excel for their day-to-day management. Like Generating invoice, quotation, tracking data about customers, sales, employees etc. In nutshell complete management is done in excel spreadsheets. I manage my articles, tools repository and excel assignments in excel spreadsheets too. I thought of sharing with you all the invoice template which I [...]

Excel Trick – Sheet Protection – Protect it and Stay Free

Dear Readers, I am back with another Excel Trick which is very much common while managing your sheet with certain security (protection). To protect the whole Worksheet can be easily done by using the Protect Sheet option available in Microsoft Excel. But in this article I am going to explain you, How to protect your whole sheet except a cell [...]

Excel Trick – SMART Method to make White Background

Dear Readers,   If you are a Microsoft Excel user then you must have come to a situation where you want to show you data in a particular area and rest all the area you want to make it plane white (without lines or grid). Something like depicted in below image: How do we do this formatting GENERALLY? [...]

How to format whole row or a Range by Conditional Formating

Sometimes in Excel, we need auto-formatting as soon as a condition in a particular cell or cell range is satisfied then the formatting of the whole row or a cell range should change. This is very easy to do in Excel by using Conditional Formatting. Let's take an example. Suppose you have following data in the Excel Sheet [...]

Format Alternate Rows using Conditional Formatting

Dear Readers, In this article I am going to explain you, how you can format the Alternate Rows of Excel using Conditional Formatting. For example, in Excel Sheet, if you want alternate rows to be shaded in different color. This you usually need when you are preparing some report and want your report looking very nice. Follow the below Steps [...]

How to Edit Existing Conditional Formatting

For editing Conditional Formatting of an Excel Workbook, follow following steps. It is different for Excel 2003 and 2007. So we will see the steps for both Excel 2003 and 2007. Excel 2007 || Excel 2003 […]

Conditional Formatting in Excel

Conditional Formatting in Excel: In MS Excel we can do formatting of cells based on some conditions or values. This is called Conditional formatting. For example, if you want a cell color to be red whenever the Value in the Cell is updated as “FAILED” or “Less Than 60%” etc. then we can apply conditional formatting in that cell. Conditional formatting can be done on a single cell or a range of cells or […]