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Excel Formula : MATHEMATICAL Formulas

Want to know about most of the Important Formulas in Excel? Read Excel Formulas Tutorial Page.   Click on the below links for to know about all these Formulas and how to use them ABS | CEILING | COMBIN | COUNTIF | EVEN | FACT | FLOOR | INT | MINVERSE | MMULT | MOD | ODD | PI | [...]

What is Excel Formula ? How to use Excel Formula?

This Article is written for the people who does not know about Excel formula. This article answers following questions about Excel Formulas:   1. What is Excel Formula? 2. How to Use Excel Formula - a step by step tutorial. 3. How an Excel Formula works in Excel? 4. How to refer a Cell in Excel Formula? 5. What is [...]

How to get Word Count and Letter Count in Excel Formula

Dear Readers, Getting a word Count of a String kept in a Cell, is not so difficult but sometimes you just don't get it how to do it. So keeping that in mind, I wrote all possible ways to get Word Count of a String. You can get it by Excel Formula as well as UDF (User Defined Function). We [...]

File Name Formula

There are few instances when we want to store the File Name or Current Workbook Name in a particular Cell. This is very easy. This can be done by using Cell() function as shown below: Syntax: =CELL("filename") Returned Value: C:\Users\Vish\Desktop\[Test.xlsx]Sheet1 Note: The problem with this is that it gives the complete path including Drive and folders with Sheet Name. To [...]