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Hi guys, on June 2016, google made some changes around pricing and authentication etc. of its FREE APIs. Distance calculator API was also affected by those changes. I had written an article long back about how to calculate distance and time taken between two places in Excel VBA using google [...]

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Dear Readers, Its been long since I posted any new article or any useful Excel Tools on the website. As you are aware of that all the tools which I publish here are always available to download for FREE. I will continue to do so in future. You can also [...]

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Excel Trick to Calculate MOD of Big Numbers. This article is all about MOD function in Excel. Every aspect of MOD function is covered here in this article. At the end of this article, I have also explained a VBA code to calculate MOD of large numbers. I have also [...]

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First of all, wouldn't it be great if we have a built in function in Microsoft Excel to Convert Numbers to Letters. It means, simply, by using a formula in excel, I could Spell Numbers in Words. In banking or accountancy, this is used to write grand total amounts. Amounts [...]

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Early and Late Binding is a common phenomena across computer programming languages. In simple terms, Binding means - how and when methods or properties of an Object are compiled and checked. In case of Excel VBA [COM - Component Object Model] - this occurs when you are trying to automate [...]

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Dear Reders, In this article, I am going to teach you What is Regular Expression (RegExp or RegEx)? and how RegEx is used in Excel VBA programming. You will also learn usage of Regular Expressions in Excel VBA with some example VBA code. You can also find some simple regular [...]

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