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Sorting using Excel Macro

Sorting : In Excel Sorting can be done easily manually. But here we are going to learn how to do sorting using Excel VBA/Macro. Mainly sorting can be of two types. Simple Sorting: Simple sorting is nothing but sorting alphabetically or by number in ascending or descending order. […]

Delete Sheet In VBA Without Notification

Dear Friends, While automating in Excel through Excel VBA, you may want to delete or add some Worksheets. This is a very common task, which we try to do. I have already written an article where I have explained a lot about deleting worksheets using Excel VBA. In this article, I am going to teach you all about disabling the warning message while deleting a sheet using Excel VBA. While deleting a sheet from excel workbook, you get a warning message like shown in below image. This is a built-in warning message. This warning message is shown in both the case : Either you delete a sheet manually or VBA trying to delete a sheet. Delete-Warning-Message During VBA code execution, if you do not disable this notification, your program will wait until you press OK on this notification. Which is really not something you want. So, the question is how to disable this sheet delete notification using VBA. Solution: There is a very easy solution for this. All you need to do is – set […]

DateAdd() Function

DateAdd() Function This function returns a date value based on adding an interval of time. It will be more clear by going through the following […]

Wait Function

Even more wait for Gane of thrones New Season??? Noooo !!! Who in real life would like to wait… especially for Game Of Thrones 😀 No one would like to wait for any thing in real life 🙂 Waiting For Game Of Thrones Season – 7 Sometimes, while doing Automation in Excel Macro we require a “Wait” or “Sleep” function, which will hold the execution of the next statements until the specified time. Following is the Syntax, of Wait […]

Excel Macro Tutorial : Visual Basic Editor in Excel

Before starting with Excel Macro, we need to know, how to open Visual Basic Editor where one should write the code for Excel Macro. To go to Visual Basic Editor is different in different version of MS Excel. Excel 2003 | Excel 2007 / 2010 How to Open VBE in Excel 2003 1. Go to Tools -> Macro -> Visual [...]

Macro Security

Macro security is used to help in activation of executable code written in Excel VBA. Unless Macro security is low or disabled, user can not run any of the executable code in Excel VBA. Macro Security setting is different in Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010. Here we will see how we can change the macro security settings in all versions of MS Excel like 2003, 2007 and 2010. Excel 2003 | Excel 2007 Excel 2003 […]

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Different Settings of Controls in Excel Macro

When we re-size the cell size in Excel, my controls like buttons, text boxes etc. also get moved and re-sized. In this post we will see how can change the setting to get rid of this issue. 1. Go to Developer Tab of the Excel Sheet where your control exists. […]

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Excel Macro Tutorial : How to add different types of controls like Text Box, Radio button, button etc. in Excel

Dear Readers, This is the 3rd Article of this Excel Macro Tutorial. In this Article, we are going to see How to add different types of controls like Text Box, Radio button, button etc. in to the Excel   Follow the below Steps one-by-one to Add Controls in your Excel Workbook or else watch my Video tutorial here:   1. [...]

Excel Macro Tutorial : What is Excel Macro ?

Dear Beginner, In this Excel Macros Tutorial, you are going to learn the Basics of Excel Macro. This is the first Article of this Tutorial so Let's begin with What is Excel Macro What is Excel Macro ? Let's not get too much in detail at this point. For now, in simple language, Macro is very popular software available with [...]

Excel Macro Tutorial : Add Developer Tab in Excel – 2007 and 2010

In the Previous Article What is Excel Macro of Excel Macro Tutorial, you have read, what is Macro, How to Record Macro and How to Run Macro.   Before starting writing Macro in Excel 2007/2010, we need Developer Tab, where all the controls, options, settings are there for Excel VBA. You can add developer Tab in your excel 2007 or [...]