Dear Readers,

In my next article, which will be published next Monday, I am going to cover following two topics:

  • 5 Interesting but rarely used features/functions in Excel/Excel VBA
  • 5 Interesting facts about Excel [from history…]
  • Before I publish these articles, I thought to check what all interesting facts and functions you already know about Excel and Excel VBA? This count of 5 might increase… way more than that.

    So, now you know that this article is bit different than others articles. Here, I am not teaching anything, rather I am going to learn something from you.

    If interesting facts provided by you is really interesting ;), then I will include them in my article — and provide credit to you [Do not forget to read the Note section below].

    So let’s make this list as big/complete as we can.

    So, What You need to do?

    It’s simple… type the interesting function, feature, facts you know about Excel/Excel VBA in the comment section or on facebook page or on twitter.

    Note: Do not forget to provide your website URL/ profile page or any link which you want me to link it to against your provided interesting features.

    Count down starts now…

    So you have got one week of time to send… whatever interesting facts/features you know about Excel/Excel VBA…

    Count Down Starts Now

    Count Down Starts Now


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