Dear LEM Readers,

Here I come with a new version of Send multiple Email using Excel. Are you planning to send all of your friends a Happy New Year Email for this coming new year 2017? Sounds good !! but would you put every one’s email in to List and send them all a generic message??

Noooo!! how about sending them all a personalized email just referring to each individual. They will love it. Don’t worry, to do that you don’t need to spend 31st all night long typing and sending email to each one of them. This will help you making your email ready for each of your near and dear ones and send them individually.

Send Multiple Personalized Email - Excel Tool

Send Multiple Personalized Email – Excel Tool

Want to know more about this tool?

To know more about this tool other previous versions of this tool Ver 3.0 click here

What is new in this version?

1. Look and Feel

As you can see, I have made some changes in look and feel of the tool. Refer the above picture.

2. Bug fixes and few code changes

I have fixed many bugs which were reported by each one of you. I have tried fixing all of them in this version.

3. New Feature – Personalized Email Body Designer

Based on, latest suggestion provided by one of my reader, Tabish, I have included a feature to create personalized email body for each recipient based on their name and other data which you want to include in their emails respectively. This is a free design, where you are free to design as you wish.

Fantastic work bro!
I have one important suggestion. The version doesn’t have the ability to modify the Body. Body as per the version should be same for all. Let me elaborate you what exactly I am referring to you is suppose if I am sending an emails to my employee pertaining to their variable bonus and I wanted to highlight their Employee Name , their New Bonus and Bonus % which will vary with each employee. Thus, in each emails goes to employee will reflects their name, bonus amount and Bonus%.

Hope you add this functionality.

I have some code and tool which I can send to you.

All the instructions are provided in the Email Body Designer tab in the same workbook.

Email Body Desinger - Send Multiple Email - Excel Tool

Email Body Desinger – Send Multiple Email – Excel Tool


Here you go with the latest version of this tool. Download it, try sending wishes to your near and dear ones and don’t forget me 😉 Just kidding. If you like the new features and look and feel of the tool, you can simply twit me or provide your feedback by sending me an email or posting a comment here or by leaving a note on my facebook page.

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