Dear Readers,

Recently, I realized that Videos/audios are sometimes more easy medium for a blogger like me who is mainly teaching some new things in Microsoft Excel area, to convey the message in a very appropriate way. At the same time, for a reader as well it is very easy to learn things by watching the video rather reading some boring texts πŸ™‚ Especially when blog is all about some technical stuff πŸ˜‰
Therefore I have planned to record a very detailed Excel Macro tutorial.
Target audience of this tutorial would be mainly “The Beginners” and may be few videos will benefit some Intermediate level VBA developers as well.

YouTube Channel

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Here is my first video which I have recorded.

Topics covered in this Video:

  • 1. An Introduction to VBA
  • 2. History of Excel Macro
  • 3. Type of Language it is
  • 4. What is Text-based spreadsheet programming (basically before office 97)


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