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There are many small businesses which are using Excel for their day-to-day management. Like Generating invoice, quotation, tracking data about customers, sales, employees etc. In nutshell complete management is done in excel spreadsheets.

I manage my articles, tools repository and excel assignments in excel spreadsheets too. I thought of sharing with you all the invoice template which I use it for myself.

You can download your FREE copy from here.

Invoice template

FREE Invoice Template in Excel

Highlights and Steps to configure it for yourself:

Company Logo

By clicking on the button “Change logo” [Highlight-1 in picture] you can choose your own logo.

Your own company details

Go to “Your Company Details” Sheet and provide the details of your own company. From here your details will be displayed on the Invoice sheet. Every field has got characters limit.

Invoice template - Free

Invoice template – Free

Customer details

This is a drop down field from where you can select your customer name and all other details like Address, email ID, phone etc. will automatically get updated based on what you have filled in “Customer details” sheet. Here you need to list all your customer details before using it.

Invoice template - Free

Invoice template – Free

Product Details

Fill all your product details in “Product Details” sheet. All your products will appear in drop down in the invoice sheet. As soon as you select a product name from the drop down Unit price will be displayed mentioned in your Product details sheet.
On selecting a duplicate product in invoice, both the records will get highlighted and strikethrough as shown in the picture. This is achieved by using conditional formatting in excel.

Validation Rules

There is a validation rule applied to make sure that you do not forget to enter quantity of a product. If you do not provide quantity of a product Column N will be marked as “X” for that particular row as shown in the picture. This is achieved by using conditional formatting in excel.

Invoice template - Free

Invoice template – Free

Amount in Words

Total Amount in Invoice will also get converted in text by using Excel VBA function to convert currency in word. You can change it from Rupees to Dollar or any other currency you would like to.

Invoice template - Free

Invoice template – Free

Print and Generate PDF command

On top of the invoice you can find two buttons “PRINT” and “PDF”. By clicking on them you can print or generate pdf of the invoice accordingly.
Note: Generated invoice will not have un-necessary information which you see in the excel sheet like “Instruction” box, Any of these buttons like “Print”, “PDF”, “Change Logo” etc. So do not worry about them :).


Instructions are mentioned in the Invoice sheet. You can refer it any time you want.



Download your FREE Invoice Template in Excel


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