Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

To wish you and your family a very Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, I have prepared an Animated Christmas tree lights with snow man, snow flakes etc. in excel sheet with the help of simple bubble graphs, formulas and a simple VBA code to Start and Stop the animation. Wish you a very Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas !! Enjoy and have fun with this animated Christmas tree πŸ™‚

Inspiration to make this awesome thing in Excel came from THE EXCEL (Graphs, Charts, Dashboards etc.) GURU CHANDOO. Though this is not as awesome as Chandoo make them in Excel using graphs etc. You can refer his blog to become awesome in excel “as his tag line says…Become awesome in Excel :). Thanks Chandoo for coming up with so many great ideas and tips always.

Downaload this excel sheet to play with this cool Christmas animation and enjoy your holiday period

Provide your feedback, how did you find this piece of work πŸ™‚

For those who are interested in seeing how it was made… here is a brief description about it..

How is it made?

Stars, Balls and Bells:

1. All the Stars, Shining Bells etc, are made using 3-D Bubble graph.
2. For bells, stars etc., to oscillate on a circular path like a pendulum, I have taken x and Y axis using formula y= SQRT((ABS(1-x*x))).
3. To give them a look of Stars, Balls and Bells, I have uploaded pictures in the Bubble graph rather than filling different colors.
3. To oscillate on specific time interval, I have used a VBA code.

Glowing Bulbs

1. Glowing bulbs are also created using Bubble Graph.
2. To make them glow in different size, I have used RAND() key to generate random size number.
3. I have embedded 2 different colors of bulb picture in the Bubble graph and added a glow outside of them.

Snow flakes Background

Using simple REPT() and RANDBETWEEN() formula, I have displayed different characters like, Snow man, Snow Flakes etc in different cells in whole background.


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