Monthly Archives: December 2015

How to find Visible Range in Excel window on a Screen

Dear Friends, Its been a while I posted any post here. I am back with so many interesting stuff for you in Excel VBA. Here is a very small but useful excel vba tip for you. This is about knowing the range which are currently visible to the user on his/her screen. Do not get confused with the visible or [...]

Wish you Merry Christmas & happy Holidays

Happy Holidays To wish you and your family a very Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, I have prepared an Animated Christmas tree lights with snow man, snow flakes etc. in excel sheet with the help of simple bubble graphs, formulas and a simple VBA code to Start and Stop the animation. Wish you a very Happy Holidays and [...]

Excel VBA Tips: How to comment or uncomment a Block of Code in VBA

Comment the codes Dear Friends, Providing proper short descriptions for each of your functions or statements etc. makes your VBA code - easy to read, easy to understand by anyone who refers your code. Now the question is, how can you write description in English language in between your VBA code? VBA compiler will start giving compile error. [...]

Excel VBA Basics : All about Debugging Excel VBA code

Dear All, Debugging VBA Code In Tutorial section for Beginners, I have written many basic articles like WHAT IS EXCEL MACRO, HOW TO WRITE IT, WHERE TO WRITE IT etc. As you know Errors are common while writing your code in VBA or in any other programming language for that matter. This is not a problem. As long [...]