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First of all, I would like to thank you all for appreciating and giving the feedback about Send Multiple Email – VBA Tool. I have come up with the next version of the same tool based on your suggestions and feedback. I promise, this version is going to amaze you with it’s new properties. I would like to list all the new properties of this tool here.

What EXTRA/different are you getting in this version?

I guess this will be the FIRST obvious question asked by everyone when I say that this is a new version of the previously developed tool. This is the reason I am starting this article directly by answering this obvious question. All the changes are listed below in 6 different points. Now you go through with all the changes done in this version and download it and Enjoy !!

Here in this article, I have mentioned only those functionalities which are either introduced newly or modified. To know about existing functionalities of this tool, Kindly refer the previous version article.

1. Change in new version (3.0) of Send Multiple Email Tool look

I am starting with the changes which are done in the UI. This version has got some changes in User Interface. This version is looking like below now.
Send Multiple Email - Ver 3.0

2. Freedom to select unlimited number of attachments in one click

In previous version of this tool number of attachment was limited to 5. Also you had to select all the five attachments one-by-one. This was ofcourse annoying and time consuming, especially when you have many emails with attachments.
So DO NOT WORRY… in this version, both the problems mentioned above, are resolved. It means, you are FREE to select as many attachment you want in one CLICK. Isn’t it amazing??

2.1. Steps to attach multiple files

It is very easy and quick. Follow the below steps to select multiple attachment for the corresponding email (row):

  1. Select the cell of COLUMN H (Attachment Column) for which you want to select the attachment.
  2. Click on ATTACH button, File Selection Dialog Box Opens
  3. Multiple File Attachment
  4. Press CTRL Key to select multiple Files
  5. After Selecting all the Files you want, Click on SELECT
  6. Path for all the selected files are kept in the selected Cell separated by ALT+ENTER – Char(10)

2.2. What is 6th Point highlighted in above picture

This field has no significance in sending emails. This field is basically to let user know, how many files are selected.

2.3. If few Attachments are already there in the cell

Suppose you have selected a cell which has few attachments already in there then you will see a decision box where you can choose to append the selected attachments with the old one.. or remove the old ones and put the new ones… something like below:

Mail Has attachment already

3. Freedom to put multiple email IDs in to TO, CC or BCC

Now you are allowed to put multiple email IDs in TO, CC or BCC separated by Semi Colon (;). This is very important to use semi colon to separate your Email IDs.

4. HTML Mail Body

In previous version there was no option to send your email in HTML format. It means all the emails were sent in plain text always. There were many suggestions regarding this feature from many avid users of my Blog. Few users wanted that even if they format there email in Excel cell, then it should go as it is. In this version you have got both.
You have much more flexibility to format your Email Body here in this version. Following are the few examples

4.1 Mail Body formatted in Excel Cell

You can format your email in Excel Cell. Though here you do not have much option to format but whatever is available you can send same as in your email.

Mail Formatted in Excel Cell

4.1.1. How it Works?

There is one new function added to convert Excel Cell text in to HTML Code. So whatever email Text is written in the cell, is first converted in to HTML code and then it is sent as a HTML body email.

Note:Following are the formatting of a text in a cell which can be converted by the Function:

  1. Font Color
  2. Font-Weight : Bold, Normal
  3. Italics, Under-lines
  4. Alt+Enter

In Excel cell though you can change the Font Size or Font Face of a selected text, but this is the limitation that the above mentioned function can not convert the Font Size and Face in to HTML code. Therefore it will be sent in by default Size and default face.

This limitation will be overcome by HTML code. Read further…to know how?

4.2 Mail Body written in HTML Code

To overcome the above limitation in formatting, you can code your whole email in HTML. Here you can design your email in HTML with whatever formatting you want. There is not limitation here in formatting except that you should be aware of HTML coding to draft your email in HTML code.
Mail With HTML Code

4.3 Mail Body Formatted in Cell + HTML code both

If you do not have clue how to write your complete email in HTML code, there is a way here. Whatever formatting is possible in excel cell you can do and rest which is not possible in excel, you can write it in HTML code.

This way the limitation mentioned above is overcome. Wow… then what are you waiting for?? Go and get some coffee and continue reading some more and amazing features of this tool…

HTML code and Formatted in Cell

4.4 Mail Body containing Text and Image embedded

Many of my blog readers asked this question:

How to Embed some image in the email with some Text written in the email Body?

This is achieved in this version of the tool. All you need is to put the below HTML code in your mail Body where ever you want your image to be embedded.

… your mail body text…..
<img src=”D:\Documents and Settings\ihwa749\Desktop\logo.bmp”>

Mail With Image and Text

5. What is different in sending Email via Outlook??

If you are sending an email via Outlook, then all the Signatures which are saved in your outlook will be loaded to select. As soon as you select any of the signature name from the drop down, Signature text will be displayed in a preview section as shown in the below image.
If you do not want your saved signature to be used in your mails then you can select the first option as “No signature”.
Outlook Signature Selection

6. Progress Bar With Messages

You have got very beautiful progress bar with message bar which keep giving you the current status. It will help you in not being impatient 🙂 You can go and get a cup of Coffee and enjoy it with the new stylish progress bar which will keep informing you about the status in terms of completion %

Message and progress bar

Message and progress bar

7. With some bug fixes which was raised by many of our avid readers

There were few bugs in previous version for sending emails using GMAIL. I have fixed those bugs. In this version PORT number text box is made editable so that you can choose any port between 25, 465 and 587.

After trying all the 3 PORTS 25, 465 and 587, still you are not able to send emails using gmail, yahoo or any other, kindly write to me or comment here.


After a long read, here is your link to download it and Enjoy !!! DO NOT forget to provide your feedback about this version… your feedback, suggestions help me in improving my articles, tools, add-ins etc.

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