Dear LEM Readers,
It’s been long time since I wrote any article here. I was really busy in some personal work and apology for not making it. Now I am back with some more tutorials, articles, tools and Add-ins.
Here is the first Add-in which I built it for you to make your life easier. I had already created a File Manager Tool in excel an excel workbook.

About File Manager Tool

This tool used to list down all the files from your selected drive or folder/sub-folder. It also list down specific type or types of files (if you need). To know more about this tool read the below articles:

  1. List Files from a folder

  2. New File Manager

Then What is this tool? What is the benefit?

To list all files from a folder, you always need to open the above file and you can list the files only in that Workbook. You can not use the above code in any other workbook or worksheet.
To overcome above drawback, I created one Add-in. This will help you in listing the files in any Worksheet from the selected cell. It means now you have freedom to list your files in any excel sheet in any specific range.

After installation of this Add-in you will see an Extra-Tab in your Office 2007 Ribbon named Under this tab you will always find this button to list the files in the selected sheet and cell.
File Manager - Add-in Installed

How to install this Add-in in Excel?

  • 1. First download this add-in file
  • 2. Open A New Excel Workbook
  • 3. Go to Excel Options (as shown in below Image
    File Manager - Excel-Options
  • 4. Go to Excel Options (as shown in below Image

    File Manager - Excel-Add-in

  • 5. Now Browse the add-in where you have downloaded the add-in file
    File Manager - Browse Add-in
  • 6. Click on OK
  • 7. Now you are done. Add-in is installed. Now whenever you open any excel workbook you will will see a new Tab in the Ribbon as shown below:

    File Manager - Add-in Installed

How it works?

On clicking on “List Files from Folder” button under “” tab following dialog box will open:


Select your option and click on List Option button and Files will be listed from the selected folder as shown below:
File Manager - File-List


Enjoy using this FREE Add-in. Do let me know your feedback


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