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I got many good response on the tool – Send Multiple Email Workbook. I also got request to implement many other functionality as well. Attachment was one of them. In this version I have added the attachment functionality with some other small fixes. Download the latest file from the end of this article and let me know your feedback.

Send Multiple Email - New

Send Multiple Email - New


New Features:

1. Attachment: You can add up to 5 attachments to each email. There are two ways of attaching a document to the mail:
i) You can directly type the path of the file which you want to attach in the Corresponding cell as shown in the picture
ii) Select the cell where you want the file path and click on Browse button. Select your file and click Ok. You are done. Complete URL of that file will be pasted in that cell.

Old Features:

1. Using this Tool you can send unlimited number of individual emails: What is Individual Mail? If you want to send an email to 1000 different email ID, ONE by ONE, means you are not keeping all the 1000 IDs in TO list and sending one single mail, is called individual mail. In such case it becomes very difficult to send same email 1000 times. This tool will help you doing this just by a single Click.
2. You can input CC and BCC IDs as well : Wherever you want any email ID in CC or BCC, you have freedom to put.
3. All the emails sent SUCCESSFULLY will remain in white background color : The emails sent successfully will remain in WHITE BACKGROUND.
4. All the emails which are FAILED, will be marked in RED Background Color : The emails which could not be sent successfully will be marked as RED BACKGROUND
5. Number of Successful and Failed Email Sent will be displayed at the end: On top of the Tool, below the Selection Area, at the end of the Mail Sending Process, Total Number of Successful and Failed records will be displayed.
6. Error Description: In Excel Sheet there is a Column for the Error Description. For all the Emails which are failed, Error Description will be put there. For Successful mails, it is set to blank.


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