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Progress Bar in Excel VBA

How to use Progress Bar in excel Macro (VBA) Progress bar is nothing but a placeholder, where you see the Progress of the operation which is getting performed. Like Visual Studio there is NO already built progress bar in Excel Macro (VBA), which you can use it as an object and it will act like a Progress bar. But this [...]

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Name Range in Excel

How to Name Range in Excel: Hello Friends, It's been long time, I did not post any Article. So today I thought of writing one Article on one of the most useful features in Excel. I am talking about the Ability to Provide meaningful name for various items or Cell Range. You can name any Cells, Ranges, Columns, Rows and [...]

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How to Import Delimited Text File in Excel

In this article, I am going to show, how can we export Delimited Text Files in Excel. For Example, you have a file which is Comma delimited Text file or Pipe Delimited Text File etc. This file you want to export in to Excel in such a way that Delimiter is treated as a Column. It mean wherever it finds [...]

Shortcut Keys in Microsoft Excel

Hello Friends, Here I am going to list down some useful Shortcut Keys. These keys are very useful in your day to day excel use. By making these shortcuts in practice you can do many of the things in Excel Easily. Key Description CTRL+( Unhides any hidden rows within the selection. CTRL+) Unhides any hidden columns within the selection. CTRL+& [...]

DATEDIF Worksheet Function : Age Calculation

In this Article, I am going to explain you, how can you use DATEDIF() Function and also using this, how can you calculate Age in Excel. Basically DATEDIF calculates difference between two dates. The most interesting part of this Function is that you can calculate the difference between two dates by a given intervals. If i say Intervals, what does [...]

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Excel Macro Tutorial : Toggle Button in Excel

Some times, we require a single control or Button which can perform different action on first click and some other Action on the second click. This can be achieved by adding Toggle Button in your Excel Workbook. How to Add Toggle Button in Excel Workbook: It's very easy to add Toggle Button in your workbook. Follow the below steps to [...]