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Difference between Sheets and Worksheets in Excel Macro

Dear Reader, In this article, I am going to write a very small trick about Excel Macro. In Excel Macro, you might have come across the situation where you need to Traverse all the Sheets of any Workbook one by one. You might have seen the below two methods to do so. As part of this article we will discuss [...]

How to Send ActiveWorkbook as attachment in Email

In previous Article, i had written how to Send Email from Excel Macro. In that article we had discussed how we can send any random file as an Attachment. Send workbook as attachment Here in this article, you will learn how to send the ActiveWorkbook as an attachment. There could be two ways of sending the same workbook [...]

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How to get Word Count and Letter Count in Excel Formula

Dear Readers, Getting a word Count of a String kept in a Cell, is not so difficult but sometimes you just don't get it how to do it. So keeping that in mind, I wrote all possible ways to get Word Count of a String. You can get it by Excel Formula as well as UDF (User Defined Function). We [...]

Excel UDF: How to Get All words in Reverse Order from a String

I created this UDF (User defined Function) to help you in arranging all the Words of a String in Reverse Order. It will put the Words in a reverse Order. Letters of each words will remain in same (proper) order. If you want to reverse the whole String then refer this Article. Put the below code inside your Regular Module. [...]

Excel UDF: To exctract All Numbers, Special Characters and Alphabets from a String

Sometimes you require to Extract All Numbers and Characters from a mixed String. I have written a UDF (User Defined Function) to extract them. UDF Function to Extract Numbers from a String UDF Function to Extract Special Characters from a String UDF Function to Extract Alhpabets from a String Add the below Code in any of your Regular Module of [...]

How to format whole row or a Range by Conditional Formating

Sometimes in Excel, we need auto-formatting as soon as a condition in a particular cell or cell range is satisfied then the formatting of the whole row or a cell range should change. This is very easy to do in Excel by using Conditional Formatting. Let's take an example. Suppose you have following data in the Excel Sheet [...]

Format Alternate Rows using Conditional Formatting

Dear Readers, In this article I am going to explain you, how you can format the Alternate Rows of Excel using Conditional Formatting. For example, in Excel Sheet, if you want alternate rows to be shaded in different color. This you usually need when you are preparing some report and want your report looking very nice. Follow the below Steps [...]

Step by Step tutorial for While Loop Excel VBA

In previous Article, we had seen about For Next Loop. In this article we are going to learn about While and Do While Loop. While loop is also quite useful in Excel VBA programming. Here in this article, I will explain each and every aspect related to While loop with an Example. Now you must be wondering, why is this [...]

Excel Macro Tutorial : For Next Loop in Excel Macro

Beginners guide for how to use FOR Loop in Excel VBA Keeping the beginners in mind, I am going to write this article about For Next loop in Excel Macro. Also one of my friend wanted such post to be published. First of all i would like to thank for such input and feedback. Even if you want any help or [...]

Macro to Copy from Excel in to Word Document

In Previous Article we saw how to Copy Content from a Word Document and Paste in in to the Active Workbook. Now in this Article i am going to write a function will Select a Range from Excel and paste the content in a New Word Document. Here there are two possible way of copying and pasting in Word Document. [...]

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