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Waiting For Game Of Thrones Season - 7

Waiting For Game Of Thrones Season – 7

Sometimes, while doing Automation in Excel Macro we require a “Wait” or “Sleep” function, which will hold the execution of the next statements until the specified time.

Following is the Syntax, of Wait function in Excel VBA (Macro):

Application.Wait   <Time>

Here Time should be in this format : HH:MM:SS

Below code will pause the Macro running till 1:45 PM

Application.Wait “13:45:00”

Now if want to pause the Macro for few hours, minutes or seconds then we can use DateAdd() Function in Application.Wait function.

Application.Wait DateAdd(“s”, 3, Now)

In the above example, Macro will be paused for 3 Seconds.

For 3 minutes:

Application.Wait DateAdd(“n”, 3, Now)

Note: For Minute we should use “n” not “m”. “m” is for Month. For more details click here
Similarly for 3 hrs:

Application.Wait DateAdd(“h”, 3, Now)


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