In Excel 2007/2010, it is very easy to filter rows by Cell Color. In Excel 2007/2010 we have inbuilt functionality to do so. There can be two way to do this Filter by Color.
Follow the below Steps to Filter by Cell Color in Excel 2007/2010:

1. Select the Range where you want to apply the Filter.
2. Press Ctrl + T (To create Data Table of the Selected Range)

  • Color Filter will be enabled even if we DO NOT create a Data Table by Selecting that particular Range. Creating Data Table will format your data properly. You can do this filtering even by going to Data Tab–> Filter–> Filter By Cell–> Select the Color
  • Filter by Cell Color

  • If you want to add a Header to your selected range then Check the Check-Box otherwise it will consider the first row as header Name.

3. Table is created and auto-formatted like a table as shown below.

Filter by Cell Color

4. Click on Filter Arrow on the Column Header which you want to filter by Cell Color.

Filter by Cell Color

5. Select option as Filter by Color and then Select that Particular by Which you want to filter.

Filter by Cell Color

6. In the Above example, I had selected Filter Color as Red, so all the other color Rows got filtered and only rows with Red Color are shown.


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