In the Previous Article What is Excel Macro of Excel Macro Tutorial, you have read, what is Macro, How to Record Macro and How to Run Macro.


Before starting writing Macro in Excel 2007/2010, we need Developer Tab, where all the controls, options, settings are there for Excel VBA. You can add developer Tab in your excel 2007 or 2010 easily by going through the below mentioned steps.


  1. Click on File of the Excel Workbook
  2. Click on Option
  3. Go to “Customized Ribbon
  4. In Right hand side in “Main Menu” Option check the “Developer” check box
  5. Click OK



  1. Click the Office Button
  2. Click the Excel Option button at the bottom
  3. Go to the Popular button at the left
  4. Under Top Option for Working with Excel, check the Show Developer tab in the Ribbon option.
  5. Click OK button to finish editing.


Watch the below Video to see how to add Developer Tab in Excel

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